"She Is Murder" Limited Edition CD (Exclusively available at the VAST Shop)

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1. She Is Murder
2. I’ll Never Be Your Lover Again
3. She Must Have Loved Me
4. When We First Met
5. Lay Down
6. She Is Murder (dub sax version)

Seattle and LA based band VAST is back with the new EP, She Is Murder, set to release May 18th, with pre-orders available May 1st. Jon Crosby delivers all the soul-bleeding edge you'd expect from VAST, adding in modern DarkWave sensibilities that bring his music to the next level, while staying firmly grounded in his rock roots. The haunting single and title track, "She Is Murder," features Crosby's darkly sexual voice delivering lyrics such as "in a dream I was saved from the ravishes, of what she needed." The EP, which hints at Peter Gabriel and Depeche Mode at times, propels VAST into a new and exciting direction. Incorporating pop, classical, and alternative, VAST breathes life into the mix. For fans familiar with VAST, this is the type of groundbreaking and genre-defying music they have come to expect.

*Please Note: All of these songs except for track 1 were previously released on various VAST EPs.