"Black Magic" (personalized signature and special dedication offering)

$ 29.95


The new album by VAST, Black Magic, is coming soon. For early believers and supporters, this is a chance to get a special dedication printed on the inside of the album, and also get a personalized autograph made out to you, by Jon Crosby. As an example: "Jon Crosby, to Sarah". This offering will only be available until Wednesday April 25th. Everyone who already bought a special dedication will be getting a personalized autograph as well. Please mention in the notes section what dedication we should print on the album, and also who Jon should make his signature out to. If you do not write it in the notes section, you can also write to orders@thevastshop.com and we will apply it to your order. Please let us know by June 1st. Also, everyone who buys this offering will get a special link to buy the album at a discounted price, when it is shipping in June-July. The price will be roughly cost plus shipping and handling.

VAST-Black Magic

    1.    In Lieu of Flowers
    2.    Sweet Julia
    3.    No One Can Know
    4.    The Woodwork
    5.    Ghost Away  
    6.    She Is Murder
    7.    It’s All Nothing
    8.    Next to You
    9.    Women, Oh God Women
    10.    Heavy Planet
    11.    I Really Love Your Rain
    12.    Little Darling